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 If you watch a western, it is easy to spot the villain since he often had a shiny gold tooth. Dentists around the world have used gold crowns for decades. In some cases, it is a sign of wealth, while in others, a sign of plunder.

 Because of its easy malleability, gold was one of the most preferred filling materials in the olden days. It sticks easily to enamel and can handle the stressors and corrosive environment of your mouth without undergoing any kind of chemical changes. Due to this special property, dentists in the old world used gold more often than silver.

 Nowadays, it has become a sign of fashion to have a good tooth. So, if you ever wanted to be part of the trend here is how you can get a good tooth.

 If you are undergoing a root canal, you can opt for a gold crown instead of the ceramic one that mere mortals use. Although gold is sensitive to extreme temperature changes, you don’t have to worry about any effects since the nerve endings in your teeth are typically removed during a root canal. But be prepared for a 3-4-month adjustment period when you may feel a little oddness in your mouth.

If you have lost a tooth either due to a fight or because of an accident, you can get a gold tooth implant. Your dental surgeon will insert a small implant into your jawbone and fuse it with the bone tissue. He will then put a gold crown on top of the implant to cover it. Due to its rigid structure, your gold tooth will be with you for the rest of your life.

To get any of these gold works, you may have to visit a dentist who specialises in gold fillings, caps and implants. Needless to say, your dental insurance may not cover the cost of such fillings.