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A Guide to Choosing a Dentist in Seattle

If you’re looking for a dentist in Seattle so you can take better care of your oral health, then you will discover it’s no walk in the park. There are dozens of dentists in the immediate Seattle area, making it a challenge to work out who will suit you and your family the best. Fortunately, this guide can help. Read on for tips on getting a new dentist in Seattle.

1.Consider Insurance

Before you begin looking for a new dentist in Seattle, think of your insurance. Do you have any? Do you think you’ll get it? If you already have some, get in touch with your provider to find out which dentists they recommend.

2.Get Recommendations


Recommendations and referrals can come in all forms. You can get them from your friends and family, or you can browse the internet. Did you know over 80 percent of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family? Therefore, you’re bound to find that an online review speaks volumes. Find out why people do or don’t recommend a particular dentist in Seattle.

3.Look for Convenience

The best dentist in Seattle is one you will be able to access with minimal hassle. If you are narrowing down your list of potentials, highlight the ones near your home, business, or school. Within walking distance or a short drive is even better. Having a dentist close by means you are less likely to make an excuse not to go!

4.Know Their Services

Of course, one of the most important parts of choosing a new dentist in Seattle is what they can offer. Do you need cosmetic dental care or general dentistry? The selection of dentists in Seattle might be vast, but not all cater to those in need of everyday dental care. Some are more involved in cosmetic and other types instead.

5.Look at Pricing

While most dentists in Seattle are similar in pricing, not all are the same. The price can vary by quite a bit. If you prefer to get a bargain or don’t want to spend more than you need to, then shop around. Ring a few different dentists to find out what they charge for a check-up, clean, and a filling (just in case!). You can then look at their pricing structure coupled with the four points above to determine whether they’re right for you.

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Choosing a dentist in Seattle is not a five-minute job. You need to consider many points before you sign up. Follow these five steps above and you can get a dentist in Seattle that works out for you and your family.

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